December 2017 Full Moon Guidance


Here’s my guidance for playing with the complex energies of early December’s Full Moon, useful for a few days:

There is a strong feeling of restlessness with this Full Moon in Gemini. On one hand we intuit the impulse for change and on the other we are being stopped in our tracks — fogged over with doubt and heightened emotion.

This Full Moon was seeded with a heightened capacity for tuning into our sensitivities. Aspects of our reality have dissolved right before our eyes. Temptations of sweetness and shadows seem impossibly intertwined.

Keep your intuitive channels open to new directions rather than forcing your hand. Our vitality can feel clouded as we are in need of gentle self-care to move forward in balance with our spiritual needs.

Our invitation is to seek inspiration and review rather than escape and renew.

Over the next few days we’re wise to find creative and physical outlets for our pent-up frustration. This will enable us to breakthrough certain dilemmas, but only with a very steady hand. Indeed, right now our endurance is best supported by allowing ourselves patient consolidation of loose ends.

Clarity will come when we first embrace the fog. Clarity will come only as we surrender ourselves to the vision at our core. This means letting our minds off the hook for a while.

Confusion at this time is not only warranted but in need of our permission. Take stock first in how you’ve arrived where you are, and only second in what planning is necessary to go where you’re going. Fragmented or lost connections will be reassessed and/or reestablished so that we’re capable of ongoing authentic expression.

Short-cuts are not advisable or even permissible right now. Restraint is cautioned as we may be tempted to fly a bit too far. Prove to your inner Saturn that you have the patience and self-worth it takes to persevere in the face of imposition. This doesn’t mean that you have to be steady all the time!

Trust that new doors are in fact opening, and meanwhile you’re tasked to reconsider the foundations on which you call “your truth.” Allow your reflection to include which emotional patterns you are ready to let go of in order to live your truer self. Ask yourself, “How can my wounds inform my course forward?”

Before clarity comes, the challenge is to distinguish between what brings us solace and what merely pretends to. Remember that we heal our insecurities when we prioritize openness over willfulness. Remember that our discipline is actually rooted in our capacity to nurture ourselves and each other. Remember that any revolution worth its weight is based on spiritual and emotional equity long before each other’s illusions of right and wrong.

We are challenged to deal with the intensity of our deepest desires in alignment with who we know ourselves to be at our core. Paradoxically, the challenge to rise higher can best be met by letting off the gas for a while — by reconciling our past desires with our future heart’s calling.

Our strong impulse to make life-affirming decisions is tempered by the need to make room for readjustment. So make room. Breathe. Dance. Give yourself the gift of harmonizing your world view with the spiritual state you most highly value. Dream in the waters and let your creativity wander and flourish. Surround yourself by those open to meandering with you. Listen closely to the messages you’re receiving for right action forward.

As right now there is a magnetized tendency to delude ourselves with detached dreams, it’s best to use this energy for creative projects rather than for deals and decisions.

Potent medicine for your week ahead can be found on the spectrum of duality between Jupiter in Scorpio as it makes a trine with Neptune in Pisces: How to reestablish our faith in the universe while at the same time buckling-in to face our deepest areas of distrust?

This paradox points to the benefits of immersing ourselves in the form of spiritual healing that resonates most for us — so that we then have the basis of trust necessary to face our limitations.

Repeat after me: “It’s okay to slow down. I deserve to flow. I am worthy of reflection.”

All Love,