How to Save the Climate that is Us


Loved ones, this is not to undermine the cause for concern over pulling out of the Paris accord (we need our resistance and we need our tears and we need our primal screams, too). This is a big, shitty deal for anyone who cares about justice of all stripes.

AND, speaking as someone who’s worked for the Federal Government: documents and agreements, “binding” or not, don’t save people or our climate. It’s the spirit and commitment behind these cultural symbols that do. And if you look closely enough, you’ll see that the spirit and commitment behind each and every cultural artifact — ya know, that’s pretty much our total perceived reality — begins AND regenerates AND ends within YOU.

We search in desperation to be redeemed by a benevolent authority, only to forget that our role is to redeem ourselves as our *own* authority — far atop the pushers of malaise & mediocre — in alignment at last with love & natural law.

I’m here to say that we have yet to lay claim on our role as co-creators of our collective future. This ultimate divine right is here waiting, while the lot of us busy ourselves with how we think the world SHOULD work. Let me ask you, when was the last time you effected change by pointing to the way things oughta be from your perspective? Did this person or thing humbly accept your preeminence and all was then fair and right in the world?

As Trump continues his unconscious uncovering of much of what’s unholy about America, the demons that surface aren’t exclusive to Trump: they’re the ones that whisper in ALL of our ears that WE’RE the *right* ones! The gift in it for us is potent if we choose to see ourselves as part of a larger paradigm than that of requiring ghostly authority figures to pull the levers of our lives.

Sever your connection to what was ‘supposed’ to happen, to how everything is ‘meant’ to be. THERE. That point of profound loss is your entryway to complete freedom.

Every piece of what we do in this life MATTERS. Not in the socially cute, “I’m empty inside and grasping for meaning here” portrait of ‘matters.’ But what we do MATTERS because it’s an essential piece of the current reality that we either confirm or deny with our very thoughts and actions.

You must let that digest: We are tasked with confirming or denying our current reality while simultaneously creating it ourselves. Zoomed out, there’s no opting-out of responsibility for how we spend our days, or for how we ignore our own deep well of authority and power.

That insignificance you’re feeling means you’re one centimeter away from feeling your unimaginable significance.

If as an individual I’m to accept this temporary reality with Donald Trump as my symbolic President, making horrific real-life, consequential decisions, where’s the gift here? How can I use this knowledge in service to love and truth? Where may I direct my attention in order to nurture the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. What’s your unique role in creating a better future for our children? It’s not lesser or better than the next one. Because it’s yours. And no one can tell you the lyrics to a song only your soul can sing.

[On Saturday our Sun in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra, both at 13°. This message has been a transmission from this planetary aspect.]