Jupiter / Sagittarius

The emotional excavation integral to Scorpio/Pluto/8th House eventually leads to a saturation point — akin to a chalice overflowing with water — paradoxically jeopardizing the potential for perspective & levity. And that’s just where Sagittarius comes in:

Sagittarius /Jupiter/9th House is the area of higher learning and expansion in our lives. It is the Mutable Fire inside of us that utilizes faith as the central instrument for growth. It’s faith that can’t be proven but which provides the enthusiasm needed to overcome previously insurmountable obstacles. Sagittarius is the fire that stokes us — which in turn means that it’s the Set of Beliefs at the Helm of our Operating System — our own personal truth.

Expansion, opportunity. Intention is to learn, to increase potential. Has to do with direct reception of truth. Revelations. Could be revelations of an inconvenient truth however! Meeting people from different cultures, travel, spiritual/high-level learning. Adventure, potential seeking. Encounters with the wild. Intelligence exchanged with nature. Pelvis, lower back, and hips. Injury here points to fractures connection with wild animal self. Where the human and the animal connect. Fusion of: Part of you is wild; part of you is cultured. Nature speaks to you. Listen to her. Important to connect to your animal insight during Jupiter transits. Pushing the limits, going to the max, pursuing your dream.