Performing vs. Sharing

I realized this past week that although I’m naturally animated, I’ve been hiding from “performing” for most of my life because the word activates my own ego, fear, and judgment. A call for me to make a subtle shift from the act of “performing” to “sharing” is already proving to be a powerful lesson to internalize.

Sharing, no matter the stage, means opening ourselves to our deep well of authenticity that’s spoken from our own special corner in the collective unconscious. We *all* have a unique, valuable perspective by mere virtue of the fact that we’re all individuals playing in this larger field. It’s a matter of our choosing and learning how to tap into what it is our soul longs to say—and discovering through what medium our heart aches to be expressed.

Sharing—in contrast to the connotations of performing—carries with it no hint of judgment lest we actively choose to attach one. Sharing elicits in our spirits the imperative to shine in the crisp air of openness and inclusivity. Sharing is how you can tell the difference between a poor actor and a brilliant one: one’s bluffing and the other is experiencing.

If we’re going to heal our world, which I’d wager we are all working to do in our own ways, perhaps it can help us to see ourselves not as performers but as worthy spokespeople for our own unique and valuable experiences. The moment you hint to someone in any context that there’s no place for their voice, you’re perpetuating the very violence that you might presume to be abating.

Yes, let us encourage sharing even of the “morons.” Because when the “morons” share, they reflect back to us our own arrogance and penchant for shallowness that we implicitly pretend has a place in progress. Healing will come by the price of our own surrender to not knowing. Healing will come by seeing our own fear and rage in the fear and rage of others, and then by asking, and then by sharing. And round ‘n round we go. Did I mention love in this? That’ll have to be a sequel.

– Danny/TL&TW/December 4, 2015