The next time I feel 
the weight of abandon
a vague and weary pointlessness
I’ll point my third eye to the sky
or the ground
It doesn’t matter.
So long as there’s that third force
to witness the clash of
heart and head,
spirit and form,
presence and aspiration,
The sacred vows we made to
TWO planes, Universe and Earth.

You know
your ego would never permit such a contradiction
For its bounds know no paradox
What a dipshit, that ego.
It can’t even see the beauty in art
And yet we let it decide what
we eat for breakfast
and how we pass our lives

So laugh and let it pass.
There’s freedom in the brand of permission
That is only felt by surrender
Only then will both the sky and ground open
to where
There’s a deep fucking belonging dance floor.

– Danny/TL&TW/November 21, 2015